Committees, Functions and Composition



1. Curriculum & Instruction (Medical Education Committee)


  • To strengthen the medical education curriculum by providing periodic, applicable and relevant innovative updates
  • To assist CHED as it shifts to outcome based education
  • To assist applicants for new MD programs (in the CHED pipeline)
  • To assist poorly performing schools

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Fortunato Cristobal (ADZU)

Chair: Dr. Remedios Dee Chan (UST)


  1. Dr. Thelma Fernandez (CIM)
  2. Dr. Coralie Dimacali (UPM)
  3. Dr. Milagros Rabe (UERM)
  4. Dr. Jessica Ona-Cruz (FEU)
  5. Dr. Dina Gonzales (DLSU)
  6. Dr. Ramon L. Arcadio

2. Faculty Development


  • To produce a standard set of guidelines in ranking faculty in order to promote retention of quality and committed faculty & mutual sharing of health human resources
  • To constantly review and update the set of guidelines established to make it relevant
  • To organize personnel and professional faculty development programs in order to enhance faculty competence in teaching research, service and administration

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Jonathan Amante (SUMS)

Chair: Dr. Enrico Gruet (CDU)


  1. Dr. Harivelle Charmaine Hernando (JFSM)
  2. Dr. Melflor Atienza (UP-NTTC)
  3. Dr. Ma. Lourdes Maglinao (UST)
  4. Dr. Mary Joyce Teoxon (FEU)
  5. Dr. Rochelle C. Valera (UERM)


3. Systems & Facilities (Network)


  • To set up a network for sharing medical resources in order to provide maximum access to information for students and faculty

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Reynaldo Olazo

Chair: Dr. Agaton Panopio


  1. Dr. Rose Ana Banal (PLM)
  2. Dr. Jaime Pacifico (DLSU)


4. Organization Development (Constitution and By-Laws)


  • To create a full time professional organization and to constantly up it in order to achieve the objective and goals set by APMCF

Trustee in Charge and Chair: Dr. Joselito F. Villaruz (WVSU)


  1. Atty. Diosdado G. Madrid
  2. Dr. Manuel M. Dayrit (ASMPH)
  3. Dr. Romeo Y. Enriquez (AUF)
  4. Dr. Enrico B. Gruet (CDU)
  5. Dr. Reynaldo A. Olazo (OLFU)
  6. Dr. Jesus V. Valencia (UST)
  7. Dr. Jonathan Amante (SUMS)
  8. Dr. Ramon L. Arcadio


5. Student Network


  • To serve as advisers to the APMC Student Network

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Joselito Villaruz (WVSU)

Chair: Manuel Dayrit (ASMPH) for 2014-2015


  1. Dr. Elvira Abreu (NCR)
  2. Dr. John Anthony Domantay (Luzon)
  3. Dr. Joselito Villaruz (Visayas)
  4. Dr. Ruth Beltran (Mindanao)


6. Internship


  • To review and update the Policies, Standards and Guidelines of the National Internship Program
  • To recommend approval of accreditation of hospitals for internship
  • To conduct inspection visit of accredited hospitals for internship and annual consultative meeting on internship
  • To develop web portal facilities to enable online application

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Alfaretta Luisa Reyes (UERM)

Chair: Dr. Ma. Graciella Gonzaga (UST)


  1. Dr. Jesus Valencia (UST)
  2. Dr. Linda Tamesis (FEU)
  3. Dr. Petronilo Basa (DMSF)
  4. Dr. Enrico B. Gruet (CDU)


7. Continuing Medical Education


  • To formulate plan and supervise implementation of CME activities for faculty members of medical schools.
  • To develop performance-based and practice-based evaluation for continuing professional development

Trustee in Charge: Dr. John Anthony Domantay (SLU)

Chair: Dr. Normando Gonzaga



  1. Dr. Melflor Atienza (UP-NTTC)
  2. Dr. Rogelda Bongat (FEU-NRMF)
  3. Dr. Gabriel Martinez (UERM)


8. Scientific Program


  • To develop scientific programs, projects and activities
  • To plan the annual convention of APMC
  • To promote educational research among faculty & students

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Alberto B. Roxas

Chair: Dr. Josefina R. Almonte (UPM)


  1. Dr. Zorayda E. Leopando (UPM)
  2. Dr. Ma. Lourdes D. Maglinao (UST)
  3. Dr. Georgina T. Paredes (UERM)
  4. Dr. Ma. Concellene L. Laforteza (UPM)


9. Committee on Medical Human Resource Development


  • To undertake MHRD analysis to provide guidance to APMC on the production of doctors in the country
  • To coordinate with regions and DOH to achieve this goal, specifically in the following regions:

SLU – CAR, WVSU – Region VI, CDU – Region VII, ADZU – Region IX

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Ruth S. Beltran (XU)

Chair: Dr. Fernando Sanchez


  1. Dr. Ramon Arcadio
  2. Dr. Dennis Batangan


10. Committee on Legislative Liaison


  • To collaborate with stakeholders in formulating the Physician’s Act which will replace the Medical Act of 1959.

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Agnes Mejia (UPM)

Chair: Dr. Fernando Sanchez, Jr


  1. Dr. Romeo Enriquez
  2. Dr. Remedios Habacon


11. Committee for Research


  • To promote research development in the medical schools.
  • Formulate program and standards
  • Establish liaison with PCHRD
  • Screen research papers of medical school for the convention
  • Form panel of jurors for research contest
  • Publish research journal of APMC

Trustee in Charge: Dr. Jonathan Amante (SUMS)

Chair: Dr. Emiliano Aligui


  1. Dr. Marita Reyes
  2. Dr. Ma. Graciela Gonzaga (UST)
  3. Dr. Jennifer Nailes (UERM)


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